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Recent Projects

PJ Interiors

We’ve upgraded & overhauled the previous website for our client PJ Interiors with a modern and streamlined look. The purpose of this website was to promote high-class commercial interior design services to local and national potential and existing clients.

In addition, we have created a logo to reflect the company’s values and freshen up the branding. Navy induces a sense of reliability and calmness, while two different fonts create a modern look

PJ Interiors

Brian’s DIY

Brian’s DIY is a local hardware store in Brigg. We have done a total revamp of the website and added bright and contrasting dark colours to the menu to form an identity. The website included many sections that each had to be carefully crafted and curated to correspond with each shop’s department

Brian’s DIY

More Projects

Brigg Mobility

We have created a new website for an amazing start-up Brigg Mobility. The purpose of the website was to spread the word around about a variety of mobility aids and vehicles to a local community.
It was our job to make make the website easy to access for all types of people and to provide them with information on what to expect when arriving at the store.  

Zara x Lynne MacLachlan Poster

This A1 poster was created as a part of Zara x Lynne MacLachlan promotional campaign for 3D printed jewellery.
It was made using Adobe InDesign, and the pictures were edited with Photoshop to brighten up and create a white background for jewellery. It was featured in the exhibitions ‘Inspired Huddersfield Graduate Show’ and ‘Graduate Fashion Week’ in London in 2018 summer.

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Our Partners

D&R Studio has a lot of partners from small local clients to international giants for smooth business operations. You can check them out below!