3 ways to make your fashion brand more eco-friendly

3 ways to make your fashion brand more eco-friendly

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More and more fashion brands are taking the environmental and social impact of their production into account. As customers, we are bombarded with messages about organic, recycled fabrics, eco-certifications, vegan and eco-conscious collections, but the same companies continue to tell us that clothes are being thrown away and that we need a new outfit every week.

The idea of creating a sustainable and ethical wardrobe from scratch can undoubtedly be daunting. The prospect of not being able to wear the brands to which one is accustomed can limit a choice of trends, without even talking of having to spend more than usual. Although these concerns are valid, it is not difficult to convince your potential customers that it is worth buying a sustainable wardrobe in the long term.

With that being said, I’ll share three ways that fashion brands can adopt to reduce the environmental impact and do their part today.

Fair Trade Certifications


One way to ensure that your textiles are sustainable is to look for internationally recognized certifications such as Oeko Tex and Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). These organisations are working to certify fibres and textiles for consumers so that there is necessary transparency to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Education about the global impact of textiles is crucial, as brands can purposely choose the accredited fabrics, and pick fibres at minimal cost to the environment and the community.

Eco-friendly Materials

The cheaper a textile product actually is, the more likely it is to be produced using unsustainable methods. It is natural for companies to look for cheaper materials to protect their profits, but cheaper is not always better in the world of sustainable fashion.

In the short term, choosing to work with sustainability textile producers may reduce margins, but eco-friendly clothing comes at a higher price, and customers are willing to pay more for products they know are ethically sourced.

Choose Your Manufacturers Carefully


It is difficult for brands and online retailers to become sustainable but takes even more of an effort for companies that manufacture textile raw materials.

As a fashion label, choose materials from manufacturers that use less water, energy, and chemicals. Reducing waste is one way to make your brand more sustainable.

One of the biggest components of your clothing brand is the collection of materials and products. Choosing environmentally friendly suppliers is not just a priority for sustainability, but a must.

A Key to Sustainability


One of the biggest obstacles for sustainable fashion brands is the high production price caused by increased input costs. Environmentally friendly fabrics are more pricey, and artisanal production costs and workers’ wages are also higher when compared to fast fashion.

However, sustainable fashion is a great way to help the environment and showcase brand values through your work. Several factors can make a fashion brand more ethical and sustainable. These include economic empowerment, fair wages for its workers, the use of organic and environmentally friendly materials, and ethical fair trade certification.


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