A quick guide to working from home

A quick guide to working from home

June 28, 2020 Guides 0
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We live in weird times, and what seemed like an impossible feat has happened. Employers whether they wanted or not had to offer flexible working arrangements to ensure the safety of their staff. Working from home is now the new normal and has set an unprecedented standard for what’s to come shortly. As many as 8.6 million have worked from home in the UK. And with that, lots of things had to change.

Here are our top tips for a productive week from home:

Find a dedicated workspace

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Working from home while lying in bed or on a coach may seem like a good idea at first, but soon you’ll realise that productivity drops. Because our brains associate bedroom space with sleep, it’s best to find a place where you can work without interruptions.

It’s a cliché, but a tidy house equals a tidy mind. A day before, clean up your desk and make sure no dishes are lying around. That way, it will be much easier to get into an active state where everything gets done.

If you live with other people, whether it be family, friends, or other fellow-renters, let them know to not interrupt you. If need be, even put up a sign and close the door so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Set up your home office

Emulate your workspace with a DIY home office. You’ll need the basics:

  • A laptop/PC
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Desk
  • A comfy chair (you’ll be sitting a LOT, so it’s best to get something that supports your back)
  • Headphones, because everything is better with music!
  • Notepad & a pen for planning and jotting down ideas

Have a consistent sleep schedule

Cat sleeping on the back with paws up

Of course, easier said than done but it’s important to have a consistent waking and sleeping time to function as best as possible (or at all). This way, you won’t even need an alarm clock as the body feels when to wake up. You can be a bit cheeky and wake up a little later on the weekends, but make sure to stay on track during the weekdays.


Woman looking at the laptop and talking on the phone

It’s more important than ever to communicate with your co-workers. It shows that you’re active, engaged, and that working from home doesn’t mean you lose out on the connection. Also, make sure to update your boss with important information and catch up with the tasks that need to be done.

Know your productivity cycles


No one can focus for 8 hours straight, that’s the reality. Naturally, there will be specific times when you’re more productive versus sleepy. Knowing this information can massively improve job performance and satisfaction. You can plan your day according to those cycles and avoid drifting away.

Everyone has different cycles, but they can generally be divided into two:

If you’re a night owl

Leave more difficult tasks for the later morning around 11-12 pm and after lunch at 1 pm-3 pm. Leave easier assignments, such as catching up with emails, research, and data analysis for early morning or late afternoon when naturally we’re the least productive (I’m in this category too).

If you’re a morning lark

Grab the bull by the horns just as the shift starts, considering you’ll reach peak energy levels around 9-10 pm, right until lunch. After lunch, your productivity will drop considerably so make sure to energize with a cup of coffee or light exercise to wake up from the lull.

Eat right during lunch

Healthy lunch

Again, there are two types of people when in quarantine, those that exercise and eat healthily and those that reach for a TV remote & a pack of crisps.

When working, food will contribute towards your mood, so stick with lean protein, plenty of veg, and grains/legumes for lunch. This will ensure that you have plenty of vigour and can stay in control of yourself after work as you won’t get as hungry.

However, if the hunger strikes again rejuvenate yourself with fresh fruit & nuts – they’re excellent snacks.

And here you have a quick guide on how to work from home. These tips are tried and tested by myself & work well to keep up with the tasks, as well as stay happy during the busy weekday.

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