Women working in marketing on a computer

How to pursue a career in marketing

  A career in marketing is fulfilling if you have what it takes. It can be difficult to start because of competition, especially if you’re going after a generic digital marketing assistant role. That’s why it’s advisable, to pick a specific branch of marketing. It’s better to become a specialist in it, rather than a…
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July 5, 2020 0
Work from home office

A quick guide to working from home

  We live in weird times, and what seemed like an impossible feat has happened. Employers whether they wanted or not had to offer flexible working arrangements to ensure the safety of their staff. Working from home is now the new normal and has set an unprecedented standard for what’s to come shortly. As many…
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June 28, 2020 0

How SEO Can Help Small Businesses Rise To The Top

  Let’s face it: it is tough being a small business owner, especially since 60% of start-ups fail within five years. Businesses now need to look at how to increase their visibility to stay afloat in the competitive and deadly landscape. However, finding the right digital marketing combination seems like cracking the Da Vinci code at…
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September 25, 2019 0

Good Web Design Practices & Elements

  Hello and welcome to the new blog post! Today we will cover good web design elements and practices. It is paramount to have a modern web design in 2019 if you want to attract new leads and customers. In addition, good web design will help you rank higher in search engines. One of the…
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May 17, 2019 0

Christmas Adverts 2018

  It’s that time of the year when retailers start their Christmas adverts. They can be inspiring, tear-jerking and even highlight the real problems and spark debate. Some people love them, some hate it, and some want to ban them as was the case with Iceland’s 2018 advert. Advertisers in the UK are expected to…
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December 24, 2018 0

Social Media Advantages for Small Businesses & Statistics in 2018

Although it seems that social media is a fairly new medium, it has been around for 40 years. Usenet was the first networking tool created in 1979. It enabled users to post messages using bulletin board like format. In many forms, it resembled a forum where users could post and read messages. It was the…
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November 15, 2018 0
top 5 reasons for website

Top 5 Reasons for Having a Website

There are multiple reasons why businesses need an excellent website. Even business owners with brick and mortar stores need to seriously consider having a modern and up-to-date website. Firstly, the website acts as a virtual shop front which potential customers can access 24/7. People might already be searching for your business online. If it cannot…
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November 1, 2018 0



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