How to pursue a career in marketing

How to pursue a career in marketing

July 5, 2020 Digital Marketing Guides 0
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A career in marketing is fulfilling if you have what it takes. It can be difficult to start because of competition, especially if you’re going after a generic digital marketing assistant role. That’s why it’s advisable, to pick a specific branch of marketing. It’s better to become a specialist in it, rather than a jack of all trades, but master of none.

There are many different paths & employers you can choose when it comes to marketing, they can be divided into two categories:

Digital Marketing


Involves marketing online and branches out to areas like paid ads, content (copywriting, video production), search engine optimization, email, and social media.  Employers include larger in-house companies and agencies.

It’s better to pick an in-house company if you enjoy a more relaxed pace and like to get to know one brand in-depth. On the contrary, agency-side there will be a  lot more pressure as you’ll be working with multiple companies that all have different requirements.

A freelance route is also an option for those that have extensive marketing experience.


Traditional Marketing


It’s the type that’s dying out, to be completely honest.

Radio, TV, billboards, and print media have their place, however, it’s often costly for companies to keep doing this kind of advertising. That’s why there are fewer jobs in traditional marketing when compared to digital. If you want to go this route though, major employers include global brands that have extra-large budgets and big agencies.


How to start marketing career?


As mentioned before, marketing can be a highly competitive field. That’s why you need to stand out from your peers.

A diploma in marketing, communications, media, journalism, and other related disciplines can help, although it’s not necessary. What employers are looking for is a pro-active approach, creative mind and good digital skills. Therefore, marketing career without a degree is possible, just make sure to demonstrate your enthusiasm and talent.

It’s a good idea to get your portfolio online & have active accounts on major social media channels. Additionally, starting a blog can be advantageous and  showcase to the employers that you’re genuinely interested in marketing.


Marketing experience


Unfortunately for those looking to break into this industry, the experience is an extremely important factor in hiring candidates. To build the experience up, try internships or volunteering related to online marketing for a while. Usually, even a few months are enough – besides, you’ll now have industry contacts which can open more doors.

To seek these opportunities, attend your university careers fair as many employers are looking for top talent. You should also network and reach out to others whether that’s via LinkedIn, blogging or even local business meetings. If you live in a big city, work agencies can also provide temporary marketing roles that will help to build your CV.


Average marketing salary


It varies greatly by region, but the average salary in the UK is £35,895 according to Reed. The low range is £26,30, while the highest – £65,809. In reality, when starting with entry-level roles, most salaries begin at around £18,000-£21,000 and go up from there with more experience.

How to advance marketing career


Having official qualifications is excellent, for example, CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) is widely recognised across the marketing sector.

Qualifications alone are not enough to advance though. Further your career by keeping up-to-date with industry news and knowing the latest trends, as well as tools. Real hunger for constant learning will also help the further you go. Moreover, proving marketing ROI to stakeholders and making data-driven decisions will prove your expertise to others.

Most importantly, don’t stand in one place and constantly think of the ways to let the creativity flow. Marketing is all about moving forward and innovation, so you should have these essential skills.


Marketing career for introverts

There is this myth surrounding that marketing is for extroverts only. As marketing is naturally a sociable occupation, you may assume that it’s the case.   However, it doesn’t matter who you are – there is a role for everyone.

The collaboration will be involved whether you work for SEO or copywriting, but it also involves a fair share of individual work. What matters is building a good   relationship with your co-workers, so that you can all work together to achieve common goals. This goal of promoting products & services may feel unnatural at   first, but with more experience, it becomes easier.

So, if you’re an introvert having second thoughts about this career, don’t be afraid to explore the wide variety of marketing paths available first. Not to mention, a   mix of employers means that you can truly find a culture where you can fit in.

End note

If you want a career in marketing get an internship or volunteering experience first. It will make it much easier when applying for jobs. Additionally, various   qualifications and a related university degree can also help you stand out. It’s an excellent career choice with opportunities for progression for experienced   marketers.

Don’t stop learning about the industry & thinking outside the box – this will ensure success in the field.

Best of luck!


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