Top 5 Reasons for Having a Website

Top 5 Reasons for Having a Website

November 1, 2018 Web Design 0
top 5 reasons for website

There are multiple reasons why businesses need an excellent website. Even business owners with brick and mortar stores need to seriously consider having a modern and up-to-date website.

Firstly, the website acts as a virtual shop front which potential customers can access 24/7. People might already be searching for your business online. If it cannot be found they will go to the competitors who have a website. Owning a website is standard in many industries, it also shows the business is credible and cares about its online presence. Those who don’t have a website could lose out on potential customers.

However, just having any website is not enough. Many businesses want websites that are customized, on-brand, responsive and modern. Outdated and non-responsive web design puts users off from browsing them. The bounce rates with websites like that are above average (over 70%). For example, if the website takes too long to load or doesn’t even show up on search engines, users will simply abandon the website or not find it at all.


Having a professional, well-made website is extremely important for businesses as it shapes brand image online and tells a story. There really is no excuse to have a poorly designed website nowadays, especially when it can damage brands’ image.

Without further ado, here are top 5 reasons why businesses would benefit from having a website.


Website as a Promotion Method

website as a promotion

Websites act as an advertisement that everyone online can see. According to Internet Live Stats, over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day and 63,000 search queries per second. This is just Google alone! Other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo get billions of search queries as well. There is an immense opportunity to have a website as it can reach so many people across the globe.



Traditional advertising methods are more costly. TV, magazine or radio adverts can cost thousands of pounds and take a lot of testing to get it right. We understand that for some companies it might be necessary, however, having a website helps to cut the advertising costs down.

If a company wishes to advertise with Google Ads, it is impossible to do so without a website. When the business has a website it can then advertise on Google, AOL, Ask and other search engines, as well as Google partner websites, such as Amazon, eBay and many more. It is easier to advertise a business once it has a professional website.

google adsMoreover, with the website, you can create landing pages customized specifically to match a certain campaign or promotion that the business is running. It is easier to capture new leads, and they can easily be directed to the landing pages.

Websites are truly versatile and can act as a promotional and advertising tool to benefit your business. 


convenient website eccommerce shopping

For customers, it is easier to access a website rather than actually going to the physical store. In addition, most people don’t have the time to shop in stores, especially during the weekdays when most stores are closed the same time customers finish working. Businesses’ without websites could seriously miss out if they don’t tackle this problem. A website is open 24/7, customers can buy products even when the store is closed. This way businesses’ won’t lose out on any sales.


Maintains Contact

website contacts

Even if businesses’ social media is booming, the website can help your customers to reach out. Websites often have contact forms where the query goes straight to the company’s email. Once it is there, it is impossible to miss out. In addition, businesses whose focus is excellent customer service can install live chat extensions to their website, so that the customers can communicate with the business in real-time. In addition, customers can leave feedback in the reviews or comment and share on website’s blog posts, as such, company and customer engagement levels rise which is beneficial for both sides involved.




Companies that do have websites have a chance to tell their story and connect with the potential clients on a personal level. By now, it is expected of businesses’ no matter how big or small to have a website in place. Customers might trust the company more because having a website means the company shows a certain level of transparency about its products, services and what the business is about in general.

Now that you have found out the top reasons why having a website is a good investment, let’s get into the analytics & statistics to show how powerful websites can truly be.



website analytics

Firstly, with the website you have access to a free analytics tool called Google Analytics. It can show active users on the website real-time, top active pages, which times users visit your site, sessions, session duration,  bounce rate, how users find your website and many more. Through statistics, a business can truly get to know their potential customers and their habits. In turn, marketers within the company can target the ideal audience more precisely.



website design statistics

There are over 1 billion websites already! The number of websites is predicted to go up in the coming years. Small business owners who have physical stores and got websites went up from 50% to 70% in the EU in within 7 years. This statistic shows that small business owners understand that having a website is important and should be a priority to create a strong online presence.

Another fascinating statistic is that small business owners report an increased turnover by 45-60% after creating a website.

(Statistics by Hacker Noon)

Final Note

It is clear that the website market will only grow and businesses who have websites have a strong advantage over those who don’t. Websites provide many benefits, such as increased online presence, promotion and advertising opportunities, customer satisfaction, retention and higher credibility. Having a website shouldn’t break a bank, that’s why D&R Studio offers affordable, high-quality, professional websites to suit and accommodate any small business owner needs. Check our pricing here


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